Contract negotiations

It is important for us to negotiate the best conditions for our athletes. It should always be a fair balance for both our athlete and the club. The contracts are professionally checked and controlled by a lawyer.


Performance is equal to consideration. We always strive to get our athletes to negotiate the best contracts, including sponsorship. Whether it’s equipment, i. Football boots, track suits or advertising contracts.

Family & Future

The family is the foundation of the player’s success. For us, the opinions of family members are very important. This builds trust and a family atmosphere. Therefore, the family plays a big role in the contract negotiations.

Your success is our goal

“Together to the goal” is our motto. Both a personal consultation for the athlete and for the parents is the A & O for us.

Free initial consultation

Contact us today and make an appointment for a free initial consultation. We would also like to get to know you.

Excellent industry knowledge

We offer an extensive network in the national and international sports business and have close contacts to numerous clubs.

Diamond Football Management

It is important for us that the foundation fits. Just compare it to building a house. It makes no sense if the architect only looks at the plan after the construction of the object. There should be no mistakes already during the planning. For us as Diamond Football Management – Sahin Colak it is important to balance the interests of the clubs and our players.

Our Partner

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