Personal advice

“Together to the goal” is our motto. A personal consultation for the athlete and for the parents is the A & O for us. Because only if a family relationship and the trust of both parties is unrestricted, the advice is effective.

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Career planning

Through our qualitatively highly talented cooperation partners it is possible to look after our athletes professionally and at the highest level in medical as well as in legal and economic detail questions.

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Contract negotiations

We offer an extensive network in the national and international sports business and have close contacts to numerous clubs. Through these steadily growing relationships, our athletes benefit from possible contract negotiations.

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Media advisory

Today, professional athletes are very well represented not only on the pitch but also in the media. We cooperate with competent partners who teach our athletes the right way to handle the media and how to professionally stage your public appearance.
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Talent & player consulting in football

Diamond Football Management – Sahin Colak, is a professional sports agency based in Mannheim, Baden Württemberg. DFM focuses on young football talents across Europe. We represent football players and take care of all aspects of contract negotiations with professional football clubs.

  • We have excellent industry knowledge and contacts
  • 100% passion and love of sport are what sets us apart
  • Talent & player consulting in football
  • Together we reach your goals
  • Free initial consultation. Contact us today

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